The Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development is responsible for preparing and implementing the economic policy of the nation, as well as planning regional development.

To this end, it is responsible for :

 a) In the area of the economy :

- preparing the multi-annual investment programme of the State;

- ensuring coherence of sector strategies for the development of the country;

- coordinating and pooling studies on projects of national economic interest;

- pooling projects and managing the project bank in conjunction with the administrative services concerned;

- promoting public investments;

- preparing Medium-Term Expenditure Frameworks and the Public Investment Budget;

- managing the public investment budget in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance;

- exploring, negotiating, concluding and monitoring execution of loan agreements and conventions in conjunction with the Ministry of External Relations and the administrative services concerned;

- analyzing economic trends in the short and medium terms;

- fundamental guidelines and strategies for the rehabilitation and privatization of public corporations in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance;

- monitoring coordination of the Government economic and social development policy;

- monitoring coherence and coordination of actions committed with the various international and bilateral partners in the implementation of economic programmes;

- monitoring and controlling investment programmes and projects in conjunction with line ministries and the Ministry of Finance;

- coordinating and monitoring implementation of the growth and employment strategy as well as the Vision 2035;

- monitoring economic trends in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance;

- Monitoring multilateral cooperation notably with the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the European Union in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of External Relations;

-  monitoring economic and technical bilateral, sub-regional, regional and international cooperation notably, with the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), the Economic Community for Central African States (ECCAS), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and the United Nations Development Programme (PNUD) in conjunction with the Ministry of External Relations and the administrative services concerned;

 b) In the area of planning

- preparing an overall framework for the strategic planning of the country’s development;

- conducting studies and forward-planning analyzes on the country’s development in the medium and long term;

- planning human resources;

- coordinating studies and monitoring population issues;

c) In the area of regional development

- coordinating and conducting regional development studies at national and regional level;

- monitoring the preparation of regional development standards and rules and controlling their implementation;

- monitoring and controlling the implementation of national, regional and local development programmes;

- monitoring sub-regional organizations in charge of development in conjunction with the ministries concerned.

- The Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development also follows the activities of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (CBLT) and the Niger Basin Authority (ABN);

- It ensures supervisory authority on development and planning authorities as well as on:

o    The National Institute of Statistics (NIS);

o    The Sub-regional Institute for Statistics and Applied Statistics (ISSEA);

o    The Pan African Institute for Development (PID);

o    The Central Bureau for Census and Population Studies (BUCREP);

o    The Support Council to the realisation of Partnership Contracts (CARPA).

The Technical Committee for Preparation and Monitoring of Economic Programmes is attached to this ministry.

The ministry co-chairs the inter-ministerial committee charged with the privatisation and rehabilitation of public corporations.

He is assisted by a Minister Delegate in charge of planning.

 Source: Decree of the Head of State No2011/408 of 09 December 2011 to organise the Government.