PIB 2023, the project logbook is available

PIB 2023, the project logbook is available

The 2023 Public Investment Budget (PIB) is part of ongoing budgetary consolidation effort, to ensure the long- and medium-term sustainability of public finance while ensuring adequate financing of the NDS30.


In this context, the 2023 PIB gives priority to the completion and commissioning of ongoing projects and major first-generation projects, the relaunch of mass consumption speculation production within the framework of the import-substitution policy (rice, maize, fish, milk, pharmaceutical products, etc.), the implementation of the presidential plans for the reconstruction of the North-West, South-West and Far-North regions and the strengthening of resources to fund decentralisation. In 2023, the global amount devoted to public investment is CFAF 1,422.9 billion in Commitment Authorisations (AE) and CFAF 1,386.8 billion in Payment Credits (PC). The 2023 PIB records, compared to last year, we register a drop of 2.3% in relative value and CFAF 32.3 billion in absolute value, which corresponds to 22.1% of the general budget. This decrease is mainly due to the reclassification of current expenditures and some external financed projects previously considered as investment expenditures. As for the acceleration of decentralisation, the increase of resources transferred to Local and Regional Authorities (LRA) has been maintained in 2023. Thus, in addition to resources planned for the establishment of Regions, the global amount of investment resources transferred to the Councils is CFAF 114.9 billion, i.e. 18.2% of internal resources allocated under the 2023 PIB. The infrastructure and production sectors, which are the main growth bearing and employment sectors account for 77.3% of 2023 PIB. This aligns with the NDS30, which aims at the structural transformation of the Cameroonian economy. The structuring of the 2023 PIB described above, aims to enable the revival of the economy, consolidation of the resilience of our economy and ensure an inclusive and sustainable development, in line with the esteemed instructions of the Head of State, his Excellency Paul BIYA./-


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