Cameroon-Japan Cooperation : H.E. TAKAOKA Nozomu, paid a fare well visit to MINEPAT

Cameroon-Japan Cooperation : H.E. TAKAOKA Nozomu, paid a fare well visit to MINEPAT

The Outgoing Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon was received in a closed door audience this 20 December at the MINEPAT Cabinet, by the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Alamine Ousmane Mey.


Speaking to the Press at the end of the Audience, H.E. TAKAOKA Nozomu said that he came because he is finishing his 10 years as Japanese Ambassador, and he is leaving Cameroon after two years and two weeks.


The Outgoing Japanese Ambassador greatly appreciate his stay in Cameroon and declared that, “Minister Alamine Ousmane Mey has been our main partner in developing the economic collaboration between Japan and Cameroon. I came thus to thank him for all he has done”. It was also an opportunity for the personalities to review the work that both countries have done these years especially on human resources which is a key to any countries development. fare well visit spoke in particular of the KAIZEN Japanese approach to Human Resources improvement amongst other thongs; noting that, concerning the Kaizen, Japan has found two partners in Africa and they are Cameroon and Kenya. He affirmed that there are success stories on the Kaizen approach in Cameroon and people from francophone countries are now coming to learn about Kaizen.


He equally made a general appraisal of Cameroons friendly Climate as compared to other countries, saying that this gives Cameroon great potential in especially the domain of Agriculture.

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