Cameroon-European Union: Time for Great Opportunities

Cameroon-European Union: Time for Great Opportunities

The Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Alamine Ousmane Mey and the Hors Classe Adviser at the Directorate General for International Partnerships at the European Union, Ben Henrik Hololei, who was leading a European Union Delegation, discussed about the opportunities to seize during the Cameroon-European Union Business Week, amongst others. It was during an audience at MINEPAT this Monday, February 19, 2024, in Yaounde.


After the Closed door audience, the head of the European Union delegation Ben Henrik Hololei, explained to the Media that it was an opportunity for them to discuss with the Minister of the Economy, on several aspects of the Cameroon-European Union cooperation. One of them being the Cameroon-European Union Business Week scheduled from February 20 to 22 2024, which is projecting to bring together about 150 Economic companies. He added that this will be a good occasion to have more investments and more partnerships.


The Head of the European Union Delegation also explained that they remarked to the Minister that Cameroon is not only an important partner to the EU but is equally a country that is radiating the stability and peace in this region. He greatly appreciated the efforts undertaken by government and also the Minister personally to enhance this.


Mr. Ben Henrik Hololei also said they looked at the many projects of the Cameroon-European Union; in the areas of transport, energy and digital amongst others, mentioning that they are good for the development of the country. He talked of creating jobs and creating opportunities, particularly focusing on younger people, because every year about 400,000 young people enter the labour market and if there be opportunities for them the more successful the country will be.


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