Performance proposal: The priorities of MINEPAT for 2024

Performance proposal: The priorities of MINEPAT for 2024

These were presented on Friday 1 December 2023 to the members of the National Assembly’s Finance and Budget Committee by the Minister Delegate to MINEPAT, Mr. Paul Tasong.

The budget package advocated by the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development before the Finance and Budget Committee of the Lower House of Parliament for 2024 amounts to CFAF 70 billion in commitment authorisations and CFAF 69 billion in payment appropriations. This package, as Paul Tasong explains, is in line with the guidelines set out by the Head of State, HE. Paul Biya, in his Circular of 30 August 2023 on the preparation of the State budget for the 2024 financial year. Resources will be directed towards 4 programmes.

Programme 019 “Strategic planning and sustainable regional development” is designed to ensure the implementation of the NDS30, with a view to promoting the harmonious and sustainable development of the territory and helping eradicate poverty. Other actions under consideration include: continued assistance to the projects of ICGs, NGOs and associations and the implementation of programmes and projects in the MINEPAT portfolio; support to government services in reviewing programmes and carrying out specific studies related to the operationalisation of the NDS30; the organisation of the third national symposium on regional planning and sustainable development; continued data collection and discussions with the National Institute of Statistics for the implementation of the TABIR-NDS30 mechanism. This programme will require CFAF 46.5 billion in commitment appropriations and CFAF 45.5 billion in payment appropriations.

Concerning Programme 022 “Support to structural transformation for growth acceleration”, as its name indicates, it is intended to contribute to the structural transformation of the national economy in order to speed up economic growth. Nearly CFAF 12.5 billion should be allocated to fund initiatives to strengthen economic surveillance and strategic monitoring; support the development of sub-sectors and manufacturing production; strengthen the preparation and maturation, as well as the effective programming and budgeting of public investment projects; not to mention the promotion of public-private partnerships and labour-intensive approaches to public investment.

According to the Minister Delegate, Programme 023 entitled “Strengthening development partnership and regional integration” is set to aligning the contribution of economic partnerships and regional integration to the achievement of Cameroon’s development objectives. To this end, greater emphasis will be placed on expanding the cooperation portfolio through increased use of funding from development partnerships; strengthening African regional cooperation; and improving the effectiveness of the development portfolio by scaling up the absorption of external funding. CFAF 3 billion should be provided for this purpose.

Programme 024 “Governance and institutional support to the Economy, Planning and Regional Development sub-sector”, as a support programme, will enable the coordination of the Ministry’s services and support the implementation of the three aforementioned operational programmes, with a budget package estimated at CFAF 7.8 billion. Among the actions to be carried out: coordination and monitoring of activities, deployment of the PPBS system, economic communication on and promotion of Cameroon.

The Administrations Performance Proposal (APP) is part of the requirements of the public finance reform introduced by the law of 2007, as amended and supplemented by the law of 11 July 2018 on the financial regime of the State and other public entities. It outlines each administration’s performance objectives for the forthcoming year, and sets out for each programme: the objectives, indicators, targets and means of implementation, in line with the guidelines defined in the NDS30.


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