National Bilingualism day at MINEPAT: the staff called to break fear

National Bilingualism day at MINEPAT: the staff called to break fear

This exaltation was made this 15 February 2024 by the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development Alamine OUSMANE MEY, during the workshop organized to celebrate the National Bilingualism day at MINEPAT. The workshop had as theme: “Bilingualism: Challenges and opportunities in Digital Age and the Structural Transformation of the Economy of Cameroon”.


In his Address, Minister Alamine OUSMANE MEY explained how MINEPAT is working hard towards helping the staff, learn both French and English through its main language learning program called LANGUAGE Brunch. He noted that fear is a major impediment to the success of this program and called on his staff to put in their humble effort rather than seek immediate perfection.
The Head of the Translation Unit, who also was the main organizer of the workshop Madam Edzougou Diane, said that, the objective of the workshop was to boost the morale of the MINEPAT staff and help them fight the Barrier to being completely bilingual which is fear.


Participants pondered on the two sub themes .The first was “How to harness the benefits of bilingualism in Cameroon for the structural transformation of the country’s economy?” presented by the Director of Regional Integration at MINEPAT, Mrs Dorothy Bekolo Tataw. The second was “Bilingualism and digital transformation, what are the advantages for administrations (e-governance)?: While Presenting on this theme The National Coordinator of the Project for the Acceleration of the Digital Transformation of Cameroon, Dr Windfred Mbuh elucidated how English is the world’s language and thus learning English opens one to unlimited opportunities at home and abroad. He thus passionately, encouraged French Speaking Cameroonians not to be ashamed to speak and make mistakes in English for that is how they’ll learn. He also encouraged everyone to make use of the opportunities set in place by the government to step up their use of digital technology to improve on language learning and to do exploits in the world at large.


The National Bilingualism Day at MINEPAT workshop, brought together the senior officials and staff of MINEPAT, Focal Points for Translation from some regional delegations of MINEPAT, alongside experts from the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, the British High Commission and the Yaounde Pilot Linguistic Centre.


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