Cameroon-Saudi Arabia: Strengthening of Economic Cooperation

Cameroon-Saudi Arabia: Strengthening of Economic Cooperation

The issue was at the centre of the audience that the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Alamine Ousmane Mey, granted on Thursday, 2nd March 2023, to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Cameroon, H.E Faisal Saud Al Mejel.

Discussions between the Minister and his host focused on how to improve economic cooperation between Yaounde and Riyadh. The two personalities explored the actions to be implemented not only to develop renewable energy in Cameroon, but also to bring together economic operators from both countries.
As a reminder, Cameroon-Saudi Arabia cooperation dates back to the 60s. It is materialised in our country mainly through the financing of many development projects in various domains namely education, health, hydraulic, transport infrastructures, rural sector, thanks to resources from the Saudi Development Fund (SDF). In the past, this Fund contributed to the construction of the University of Ngaoundere the Ayos-Bonis Road (Ayos-Abong Mbang stretch) and the Edea-Maloume railroad, etc. Today, the active portfolio of the SDF includes five (5) projects, for an envelope of about 30 billion CFA francs. These projects include: the Foumban-Tibati road (Foumban-Manki-Magba-Mapé Bridge stretch), Sangmélima-Djoum (Bikoula-Djoum stretch) and Olama-Kribi (Bingambo-Grandzambi stretch); the construction and equipment of the Mbalmayo Regional Hospital Annex, and the Akwa Industrial Trades High School

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