ILD 2023: MINEPAT staff’s pledge on improving their contribution to achieve Cameroon’s development goals

ILD 2023: MINEPAT staff’s pledge on improving their contribution to achieve Cameroon’s development goals

The commitment was made on behalf of the staff by the Coordinator of Staff Representatives, Sorelle Avebe Assila, during the ceremony of the 137th International Labour Day (ILD), organised on 1 May 2023 in MINEPAT, in the presence of their Minister, Mr. Alamine Ousmane Mey.


The Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development celebrated the 2023 edition of the International Labour Day (ILD) in a memorable way. After participating at the 137th edition of the ILD march-past, at the 20 May Boulevard, MINEPAT’s staff gathered at the Ministry’s Amphitheatre 300 for a “family” celebration.


In her speech, the Coordinator of Staff Representatives expressed her joy to see her colleagues, after a long break because of the Covid-19 pandemic. She also analysed the working environment and conditions of MINEPAT staff’s, acknowledging efforts made by the hierarchy to improve the working environment and conditions of staff, in particular the setting up of a National Mutual Assistance Association for MINEPAT staff, the purchase of equipment for the gymnasium and the infirmary, and the allocation of substantial resources to support the activities of MINEPAT Women’s Association. Sorelle Avebe expressed some concerns to the hierarchy, in order to strengthen the staff resilience namely, a minimum health care for staff, a gradual increase in bonuses for non-appointed staff’s, the institutionalisation of a professional retraining bonus for retired staff, to name a few. “Keen attention will be devoted to these issues, with due regard for our country’s economic and financial context”, indicated Alamine Ousmane Mey, for whom the theme chosen for the 2023 edition of the ILD, i.e., “Resilience and decent work: acting together in the world of work to improve living conditions and social inclusion”, is part of the development of human capital, a major pillar of the NDS30.


The coordinator of the staff representatives invited the staff to make a greater contribution than in the past to achieving the objectives assigned to MINEPAT for the socio-economic development of Cameroon. “This requires punctuality, diligence, discipline, respect for hierarchy and prompt handling of files”, she declared.
In MINEPAT, decent work is perceived as a driving force for the structural transformation of the Cameroon economy, for sustainable and inclusive development. Especially as it constitutes an essential part of the second pillar of NDS 30 relating to the development of human capital and well-being. It focuses on the balanced sharing of growth gains, improved performance of public administration and social protection systems.

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