Strengthening of the Medical Emergency: the Republic of Korea grants CFAF 8, 7 billion to Cameroon

Strengthening of the Medical Emergency: the Republic of Korea grants CFAF 8, 7 billion to Cameroon


The Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Alamine OUSMANE MEY, The Minister of Public Health, MANAOUDA Malachie and the Resident Representative of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Mr. SANGCHUL KIM have this 28 November 2023, signed the Record of Discussions related to the “Project for the Strengthening of the Emergency Medical System In Cameroon”.


The project, signed in the Conference Hall of MINEPAT, aims at improving the quality and accessibility of the emergency medical services system in Cameroon by strengthening the governance and capacity of pre-hospital and hospital healthcare providers. Specifically, the Project to Strengthen the Emergency Medicine System in Cameroon provides for the extension of the Yaounde Emergency Centre (CURY), the supply of medical equipment for CURY’s intensive medical care and emergency care units and equally the construction of a training Centre for emergency medical services and the introduction of a digital public service for pre-hospital services to users in Yaounde, amongst others.


Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister Alamine OUSMANE MEY underscored that this project is in line with our National Development Strategy NDS30 and constitutes a great milestone that is aligned to the general objectives set by the Health Sector Strategy (2016-2027).He said it aims at promoting healthy, productive human capital, capable of fostering strong, inclusive and sustainable growth.
Minister Alamine OUSMANE MEY, also detailed that, the initiative to Strengthen the Emergency Medical System in Cameroon is a grant financing by KOICA to the tune of 14 million US dollars approximately 8.7 billion CFA.


The Project for the Strengthening of the Emergency Medical System In Cameroon will be Co-financed by the Republic of South Korea and the Republic of Cameroon. Its main components include; the governance of the emergency medical services (EMS), the capacity building program for pra-hospital emergency services, the capacity building program for emergency medical services at the hospital level and an infrastructure of pre-hospital and hospital emergency, medical services.


The signing ceremony, was equally an opportunity for the MINEPAT to review the support of Korea to Cameroon over the past six years: through multiple and varied cooperation instruments: Also he stated that Koreas support to Cameroon through KOICA is mainly based on grants and all these realizations have amounted to 86,229,000 USD which is approximately FCFA 50 billion Amongst these realizations are the construction and equipment project for the National Institute for Training of Trainers and program development, the Project for the Establishment of the Master Plan and Capacity Building for E-Government in Cameroon and the Project for the Development of the Master Plan for Renewable Energies in Cameroon; just to name a few.


The Resident Representative Mr. SANGCHUL KIM explained that the Health Sector is one of the Key sectors to KOICA. He explained that they are working on capacity building Programs and are now focusing on the second phase project which is building Emergency Medical System in Yaounde. Mr. SANGCHUL KIM noted that the project will run for 6 years until 2028.

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